11ElevenDC presents: What is on a page
Design Hub
January 23, 2015

11ElevenDC Presents… What is on a page?

In this series, we'll be sharing some useful hints, tips, advice and infographics that will help you to understand and build on your design skills. First up, we take a look at page layouts - how to identify the design areas on a page and understanding the terminology behind those areas. Click the image to…
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when to use png, jpeg and gifs
December 10, 2014

When To Use JPEG, GIF, PNG When Saving Images

Who Is Hosting This have created this series of infographics that helps you to know when to use different image formats.
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you are not better than me because you know photoshop
October 24, 2014

Dear Young Graphic Designer,

When I search for “young graphic designers,” Google shows me at least 5 articles on how cool young artists are—about how brilliant you are, about how much talent you have in you—all the glorification that will propel your ego. But when I search for “old graphic designers,” all I see are articles questioning our capabilities,…
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