Spotify for Brands creates two new ad products: video takeover and sponsored session

Spotify for Brands has rolled out two new video advertising products – video takeover on desktop and sponsored sessions on mobile – with Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Ford among the launch partners.

The video takeover ads on the desktop site will be served as part of normal ad breaks and are only played if the client is in view, while the sponsored sessions will see users given the opportunity to opt-in to an ad-free experience by viewing a 15 or 30 second video on their mobile device.

“Our audience is incredibly engaged so we are delivering an advertising experience that enhances their time spent on Spotify and connects them to the music and brands they love,” said Jeff Levick, chief business officer of Spotify. “These new ad formats are perfect examples of the kind of high quality, high value experiences we want to offer our brand partners and our audience.”

Brands are able to target their messaging to tasks that Spotify users may be doing while this listen to music, including exercising, studying or commuting.

“These new video ad units give us the opportunity to be a small part of people’s everyday passion for music and create better experiences across Spotify,” said Ivan Pollard, senior vice president of connections at The Coca-Cola Company.

“Spotify are great partners in helping us execute new ways of connecting with people on their platform leveraging data, intelligence and creativity to bring a little refreshment to an already uplifting experience with music.”

Last month, audio clips website Soundcloud revealed that it would be introducing advertising for the first time.

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