Shazam integration with Apple iPhone 6 and Siri "a game changer" says its advertising chief

Shazam’s Apple iPhone 6 IOS 8 tie-in will be a “game changer” according to the app’s senior vice president of international advertising sales, Miles Lewis. 

The tune recognition app, which has become an advertising tool in its own right as well, has been named as one of the features on the upcoming iPhone 6 and it’s IOS 8 operating system. 

Other apps on the new device will include predictive text app QuickType and a health app on the new phone, it was revealed at an Apple conference earlier this week. 

The integration of Shazam’s system with Siri, originally announced in April, will allow users to search for the song playing by asking Siri to identify it, which will utilise the Shazam interface. 

Speaking to The Drum at Dmexco, Lewis said; “One of the four non-Apple endemic apps will be one of us. Shazam will be linked to Siri and you will be able to say ‘Hey Siri, what’s that song?’ Then it’ll open Shazam and identify the song. That’s great. We simply do something brilliantly and that is to identify a piece of content.

“This is the next development and it’s also a development in retail. If you happen to be Ian Gap store, why can’t we tell that you’re in a Gap store? And if you happen to Shazam a song playing over the intercom, we can also congratulate the user with 10 per cent off as a reward,” he added.

Lewis continued: “There is so much happening with this magical app that is 12 years old but has exploded to 525 million users. It’s brilliant.”

Apple also announced the future launch of the Apple Watch device during the launch event. 

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