Video & Motion Graphics

If you want to add an extra dimension to your brand, then our expert team are at hand, to provide you with first class video production and motion graphics.

Video is one of the most exciting ways to engage with your audience. At 11ElevenDC, we can create a range of video content for you, including promotional and training videos, commercials, virals and corporate videos that can be used however you imagine. From web, mobile and broadcast, to interactive experiences, exhibitions and presentations, we’ll work with you to develop strong and exciting ideas that will really engage with your audience.

Motion Graphics is a great way to bring your imagery to life. We love to transform text, photography, logos and icons into something truly compelling. It can add interest to your website homepage, or give a bit of flair to a presentation or story. Our skilled team can create moving illustrations, infographics, kinetic text and scribing, 3D animation, stop motion graphics, and much more – the possibilities are endless.

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