Pitch-invading football fan pays fine with crowdfunding

A West Ham fan who was convicted of invading the pitch and taking a free kick has crowdfunded enough money to pay off his fine.

West Ham supporter Jordan Dunn was convicted for the offence of “entering the playing area” on Monday and told to pay £305.

However, after launching a fundraising appeal on Gofundme his fellow supporters donated the whole amount in record time.

During Dunn’s hearing district judge Gareth Branston appeared to take a light hearted view of the matter remarking: “Tottenham had lined up for a free kick, and you took it for them. To be frank, you were probably a little tired by the time you got to the ball, it was a longer run than was strictly necessary.

“You had consumed alcohol and your stride pattern was a bit out of kilter but, to borrow a phrase, you did bend it like Beckham…the professional footballer who followed you did not do any better.”

Donors to Dunn’s fund also joked about the incident, with one saying “Best free kick seen over there for a while!!” and another quipping “highlight of the game, as usual, none of our defenders closed you down.”

Despite the conviction Dunn avoided a banning order for his actions, which he said in court was due to a “lifetime ambition” to take a free kick at the ground.

However, West Ham’s joint chairman David Gold criticised the judge’s decision tweeting “Judge praises drunk pitch invader who took free kick. What kind of message does this send out??”

Dunn’s case follows just a few days after another controversial case when an American site was set up to raise funds to pay the legal fees of Neil Masterson, who is accused of assaulting MP George Galloway.

At the time of publication Masterson’s site has raised over $4,500. 

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