Netflix introduces Facebook compatibility

Online streaming service Netflix has introduced a private recommendation feature via a Facebook plug-in which allows viewers to flag up content for friends, alongside a personal message.

After viewing content users will be presented with a selection of Thumbnail images of Facebook friends asking if any would be inclined to view the same content, anyone the user clicks will be presented with the media recommendation the next time they log-in to Netflix – or a personal Facebook message if they are not currently a subscriber.

This is a conscious effort by Netflix to shy away from global pronouncements via News Feed’s, acknowledging that such shouting may prove counterproductive.

Netflix is hoping to tempt its 50m subscribers to connect their accounts to Facebook in the belief that they are more likely to know their friends tastes than any algorithm, so driving growth in views and users.

In a blog post Netflix Directory of Product Innovation Cameron Johnson, said: 2The next time you watch a great story on Netflix, passing it along to someone you care about will be just a click away. We hope you enjoy.”

The feature is debuting on iPad, iPhone, PS3 and Xbox with other platforms set to join shortly.

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