Microsoft to mass produce giant 82 inch touchscreens

Microsoft is pursuing the bigger is better maxim in the touch screen arena to its logical extreme by announcing that it will mass produce touch capable screens stretching up to 82 inches in size.

The supersized displays form part of the technology firms Perceptive Pixel range which have been used to champion its Windows 8 OS but have thus far found little commercial success, being largely limited to internal Microsoft office environments.

The decision extends Microsoft’s presence in the touch screen market to the full gamut of devices; from its recently purchased Nokia smartphone division to its Surface tablets and now the giant TV-like displays.

Microsoft are refusing to elaborate on price at this stage, only to say that costs are falling, but a 55inch model is likely to set you back in the order of $7,000 at present, according to a report by Tech Crunch.

Even with cost savings from mass production it is unlikely therefore that such gadgets will wing there way into most folks homes just yet.

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