‘Managing data leakage is the programmatic battleground – invest in a lawyer’ – says IPONWEB CEO Boris Mouzykantskii

Publishers will likely ramp up efforts to prevent data leakage in the programmatic advertising space by seeking legislation to make it illegal to mine data from their platforms, according to IPONWEB CEO and chief scientist Boris Mouzykantskii.

Speaking at the Exchange Wire ATS conference in London, Mouzykantskii said publishers are under pressure to combat the problem of third party companies taking and monetising their data and compared data leakage in the programmatic space to information leakage on the stock exchange.

Mouzykantskii told delegates that legal measures were put in place in the stock exchange to prevent information leaking and driving up the value of companies, and similar moves may be made in the programmatic space.

“Publishers are under serious pressure,” he said. “They understand the value of data. Publishers like Yahoo are going to implement a system that will stop data from leaking, while other big players like Twitter will try to wall their data inside.

“The most successful way would be to try and create a situation where this data cannot be used in a legal way. In Europe at least they have a better chance of doing it because Europe has an opt-in system; users must give publishers permission to use their cookies. The publisher could seek to make sure that this permission stays with them and is not transferred.

“It’s similar to the stock markets and the legal industry. If you’re doing a M&A deal, you have access to data. There’s no way for a lawyer to complete a deal without knowing terms.

“This is extremely valuable information and you can leak it over to somebody and maybe generate millions of dollars in value. The legal industry adjusted the legal climate in a way that leaking information this way is illegal.

“We think that’s what will happen with publishers. It’s a new battleground. It probably pays to have a good lawyer and invest in a good tech partner.”

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