Little Printer company Berg to close after failing to reach 'a sustainable business in connected products'

One of the early players in the connected hardware game and creator of the Little Printer, Berg has announced plans to close after failing to reach a “sustainable business in connected products”.

In a post on the Berg site co-founder Matt Webb wrote: “Folks, I’ve got some news about Berg to share. We’re wrapping up for this incarnation. Our partnerships and our services, they’re done. A few things left, then hibernation.”

The London-based flagship product web-connected printer, the Little Printer, will run until March 2015 said Webb with a “skeleton crew” to “keep it alive”. Adding that Berg would “love to see LP survive” and that the company will either “sell it. Or open the code”.

Launched in 2005, Berg (British Experimental Rocket Group) started out life working as a design consultancy for Google and Intel. The Little Printer debuted in 2011, formally launching a year later with big partners including Foursqaure, Google, the Guardian and Nike. The Fast Company named Berg one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies in 2012.

Webb’s post claimed Berg had “not reached a sustainable business in connected products”.

“But: There’s our troop,” he said. “Cultural inventions! I’m proud of this British Experimental Rocket Group. Thank you fellow travellers, in your thousands. Behind the mountains, there are more mountains.”

The Drum has contacted Berg for more information and is awaiting further comment at the time of writing.

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