iPhone users are more extreme than other smartphone owners according to mobile browsing report

IPhone has been branded as the most adventurous smartphone as its owners are 14 times more likely to view off-road racing content than any other mobile firm’s users, according to mobile browser research from digital advertising company Exponential Interactive.

The study, which analysed the mobile search patterns of 1.7 Britons, compared the online viewing patterns of different mobile brand users against the average level of interest from web users as a whole.

In the sports category, iPhone users were 14 times more likely to search for off-road racing whereas Apple’s main competitor Samsung’s owners were 23 times more likely to be into basketball. Sony fans were 22 times more likely to be interested in snowboarding whereas skateboarding appealed most to LG users.

The firm collected mobile data across a series of categories such as celebrities, sports, cars and holidays, to learn how advertisers can tailor their content to users of specific mobile brands.

Apple fans were the most interested in Brad Pitt and Motorola users were 89 times more likely to search Harry Potter star Emma Watson. Furthermore, Nokia fans were 27 times more likely to be interested in Lionel Messi while Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were most popular among HTC and Samsung owners respectively.

Francesca Baker, insights manager at Exponential EMEA, said: “A broad brush shows HTC identifies strongly with families, Nokia for the less tech savvy, perhaps, Samsung for older ages and Blackberry with business people, so it throws up interesting reinforcements and challenges to stereotypes about who has what phone.

“More practically, this type of data is very useful to help companies advertise more effectively. For instance, it shows Motorola would do well to sign-up Emma Watson or do a marketing push around her latest film release.”

Baker added: “Meanwhile sponsoring Mini Cooper-related events could pay dividends for Blackberry. Lionel Messi advertises Samsung phones but he’d have a much bigger impact for Nokia as people interested in Messi are four times more likely to be researching Nokia than Samsung.”

This report follows Apple’s unveiling of the Apple Watch and the iPhone 6 at an event in California on 9 September.

An infographic accompanying the report can be seen below.



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