Google acquires Lift Labs, the tech firm behind the Parkinson's spoon

Google has announced its purchase of biotech company Lift Labs, the firm behind the tremor-cancelling spoon designed for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease among other ailments.

The California-based search giant acquired the firm on Thursday for an undisclosed fee, where it can now distribute the spoon, known as Liftware, one of many of the firm’s life-improving products, on a global scale.

Lift Labs has now been integrated in Google’s cutting edge research centre Google X,  which was last month testing pilotless drone deliveries in the Australian outback as part of Project Wing.

Using sensor technology like that in an image-stabilising camera, the spoon can eliminate up to 70 per cent of the user’s tremors, a move which substantially aids Parkinson’s sufferers during meal time.

A Lift Labs statement said: “Google will enable us to reach even more people living with Parkinson’s or essential tremor who could benefit from using tremor-cancelling devices every day.”

A Google spokesperson on Thursday said: “Today we’re welcoming the Lift Labs team into Google X. Their tremor-cancelling device could improve quality of life for millions of people.”



The acquisition comes as Google expands further into health technologies at the behest of co-founder Sergey Brin, who found out there was a possibility he could contract Parkinson’s after his mother was diagnosed with the illness.

Project X has also recently announced that it is testing the automated Google car which it claims will vastly reduce road accidents – ensuring the safety of its users.


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