Facebook goes head-to-head with YouTube with video push

Facebook is set to take on YouTube at its own game by actively courting the video platforms own multi-channel networks to distribute their videos directly on the social media platform.

Amongst those to be approached for the new initiative are Maker Studio and Collective Digital Studio who have already uploaded some shows to Facebook in a trial programme, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The video push has seen Facebook work on new advertising solutions to generate revenues for such content which is said to have generated high levels of traffic during the six month trial.

It follows several attempts by rival internet giants such as Yahoo to muscle in on the sector, jealous of the $5.9bn in advertising revenues raked in by YouTube this year, a figure expected to rise to $8.9bn in 2016 as brands increasingly prioritise online mediums.

YouTube has grown to welcome 1bn viewers a month, consuming 6bn hours of video between them, with its top 100 channels generating 9.46bn views alone in July.

Facebook meanwhile posted advertising revenues of $2,68bn in the second quarter.

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