FA shifts marketing strategy to engage fans following World Cup woes

The Football Association (FA) has shifted its marketing strategy to better drum up support for England as it moves to engage fans in the run up to the UEFA Euro 2016 Finals, following a disappointing performance at the World Cup.

Speaking to the Drum at the England versus Norway game at Wembley last night, FA head of marketing, Russell James said the new Together for England campaign will run for a full two years, marking a different tack for the governing body, which has previously campaigned around individual matches.

“Historically most of our campaigns have been game-to-game match promotion but what we’re doing differently here is looking to engage the fans throughout the course of the season. We want to make them part of the story we want to sell around England as opposed to promoting a single game.

“This will be our campaign for at least the next two years, which will lead us up to, hopefully, the championships. Its gives us some freshness and flexibility as the story changes and unfolds. The campaign can go with that so this is here to stay.”

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