EE releases budget pay-as-you-go packages costing just £1 a week

Mobile network EE has launched the UK’s cheapest ever pay-as-you-go plan – costing only £1 per week – to bring low-budget phone users into the company’s services.

The scheme, which comes with 4G and additional user add-ons, is retailed with packages offering 25 minutes and 50 texts or 100MB of data and ten minutes and ten texts.

Designed to cater to consumers who only occasionally use their mobiles and have no intention of being roped into premium, long-term contracts, EE also put a barrier on over-allowance usage to prevent users from sneaking over the threshold and incurring hidden charges.

According to the firm, which earlier this week announced that its coverage reaches 70 per cent of the UK’s population, 70 per cent of mobile pay-as-you-go users in the UK spend less than £10 per month.

As a result, EE released the ‘Talk and Text’, ‘Data’ and ‘Everything’ packs to attract these consumers.

A Carphone Warehouse spokesperson told the Telegraph: “The new EE packages allow customers to tailor their mobile phone tariff, potentially making them more affordable.

“However, it is important that customers think beyond just the cheapest price and always consider whether a deal truly offers them good value.”

Adding: “Calls, texts and data limits need to be sufficient for how the customer actually uses their mobile phone; if not, they may find themselves with unexpected charges which is when bill shock hits – one of customers’ top complaints.”

Last month, EE launched the ‘Cash on Tap’ scheme to allow London bus commuters to make wireless fare payments using their phones.


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