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UWE, or the University of the West of England, is a university located just outside of Bristol. With around 25,000 students spread between it’s three main campuses, and a dedicated Business School, UWE is the top eighth University for getting a job (The Telegraph) and is a first choice for students who want a degree that prepares them for life in the real world.With their project titled  ‘University for the Real World’, UWE had created a Video, taking a cinematic look at why UWE Bristol is changing people’s lives by offering students more opportunities, more mentoring and more support to realise their career aspirations.

In partnership with PurpleFish PR, we were asked to create an email shot that would be sent out to journalists, media and businesses, with the aim of getting them to click through and watch the video.


We concepted, designed and created an email with the focus on promoting the video,which in turn, promotes their high employment statistics. The email needed to replicate the look and feel of the video, with cinematic style imagery and a strong focus on creating interest in the video itself.

We gathered quotes from the video content that would drive people to the video link, and designed and built the email to be responsive, displaying well for mobile and tablet devices, so that no matter how or where the email would be read, it would portray the same brand image.


The mailshot and video combined to create continued brand enhancement, and engagement with the media, in order to build a strong brand image for UWE, and promote their focus on careers.

Watch the video here