Stand Up To Bullies came to us as a not-for-profit organisation, looking to create a website which would help those dealing with bullying in the workplace. The idea for Stand Up To Bullies was created by Jennifer, who, had suffered from bullying in the workplace, and as a result, succeeded in winning an ongoing and traumatic claim against her previous employers for this issue. Jennifer’s aim was to ensure that anybody else dealing with this issue could have online access to her personal story, advice and informative links, which would help them in dealing with this.


Firstly, as a new organisation, Stand Up To Bullies needed a logo. With such an evocative name, we created a bold, monochrome logo, which ensured that all of the focus was on the words. We felt that this made sure that there were no mixed messages, or complications – just straight to the point. The site needed to be simple, and user-friendly, so as to ensure that anybody could find the content they needed easily. We created a simple design, with clear navigation, and a focus on the main content. One of the main aims of the site was to provide access to Jennifer’s story. We created an area in which users could readily view the story in bitesize amounts.


The final site is simple, and allows users to navigate easily, and as simply as possible. Both the site and the logo are straight-to-the-point, allowing all focus to be on the message at hand, and with all content readily available. As a result, users are able to access this vital information with no difficulty, and without feeling overwhelmed or confused, as can be the case with many not-for-profit websites.

See our work with Stand Up To Bullies.

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