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Smith & Williamson are an independent professional and financial services group, employing around 1,500 people. The group is a leading provider of investment management, financial advisory and accountancy services to private clients, professional practices and non-profit organisations.

They came to us looking for creative, and aspirational designs for a large scale advertising space. The adverts, located at Bristol Temple Meads rail station, would span 6.5m x 2m and be viewed by around 25,000 daily visitors to the station. Smith & Williamson wanted a design that would achieve standout in what is a busy environment.

We created two designs, each with a specific message that Smith & Williamson wanted to portray. Each design would be displayed for 3 months, and so needed to be designed with longevity in mind.

The Lighthouse Route.
In the depths or a recession – and with the banking sector generally under extreme scrutiny – the advert was a subtle reminder of the support that Smith & Williamson were able to provide. The focus of the advert was promoting their assistance for businesses through the continued economic uncertainty, and their Recovery services which aim to help companies grow and restructure. The imagery of the lighthouse in the design is symbolic of a guiding light, and works with the strapline to represent Smith & Williamson as providers of support through times of trouble.

The International Route.
With Britain slowly coming out of the recession Smith & Williamson found they could talk more freely and promote their worldwide services. The advert needed to be aspirational and promote how Smith & Williamson can help support business growth, with a focus on their ability to help companies expand internationally. China being one of the fastest growing international markets, we focused our design on representing the concept of international opportunity through strong imagery exploring Chinese culture.

The two adverts have helped to establish a brand identity for Smith & Williamson, and the length of display in a prominent location gives them a customer reach of 4.5million people. As Bristol is a strong sector for Business and Finance – this therefore establishes a increased brand awareness from potential customers, and strengthens the company’s position within their field.

I have worked with 11ElevenDC on two billboard advert designs and each time they have delivered an excellent selection of concept designs, which were in line with our brief. They have demonstrated good creative flair and are easy to work with. I would work with 11ElevenDC again on future projects.

Paul Waller, Associate Director Marketing , Smith & Williamson