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Romantica of Devon are one of the UK’s largest wedding dress wholesaler and distributors, supplying more than 400 stores worldwide. They came to us with a portfolio of brand websites which were under-performing, and in need of updating. They were aware that having all websites under one central location would allow them to pull resources and strengthen their brand both on the web and in the eyes of the consumer.

Our brief was to create an umbrella brand website allowing Romantica to unify their individual brands and let them grow collectively, whilst solidifying their web and SEO presence. In addition, having studied their analytics, it was clear that Romantica needed their site to be converted to be responsive, in order to cater for the 50% of their audience who were viewing the site on mobile and tablet devices.

Finally, with a growing German presence, Romantica required a fully-translated German site, complete with German translation elements available on all content.


Romantica wanted to strengthen their position as a luxury brand in the bridal industry and so we looked at other luxury, high end brands, analysing their user interfaces and overall image. We then used this information to align and associate the brand with the look and feel of these luxury, high end companies, whilst maintaining an individual, bridal-focused feel to the site.

With a larger number of brands now residing under the Romantica of Devon website, we needed to ensure that users were still able to find their perfect dress with ease. We redesigned the website navigation to optimise the user journey and created a detailed search function, allowing users to filter and search using various fields. We also went on to redesign the stockists functionality, building in the functionality in line with Google Maps API, allowing the user to get directions direct from their home postcode to the shop, and to search for individual dress design and style elements.

User Experience (UX) was a key focus. To further engage the user, we created a dedicated “Brides” page, to allow Romantica brides the space to showcase their own wedding pictures, in turn, inspiring others and showing off their Romantica wedding gown in action. Converting the site to be responsive also meant creating a design that would allow all site content to function fully, and smoothly on mobile and tablet devices. We simplified all of the content to be responsive, clean and user-friendly.


Romantica are now able to manage their company in a more cost-effective manner. The website redesign has worked in tripling monthly visits to the site in its first year and consistently shows growth year-on-year. It also offers better brand transparency for the Romantica group and the opportunity for co-selling, both within and across it’s brand titles. Further work on their social media channels and integrating this within their site has created a strong brand presence and has established Romantica as leaders in their field.

Finally, the German conversion site means that Romantica can now focus on further growing their presenceand expanding their market in Germany, whilst the responsive site design means that users experience the same, clean, and user-friendly focus on mobile devices. With a growing mobile usage of the site, this allows all users the same optimum user experience on any device.

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James Waddington, Marketing Director, Romantica of Devon