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Pure Bridal is a collection of modern bridal and bridesmaids gowns designed for and aimed at younger brides, and with a focus on beauty and affordability. With their existing, stunning photography, they came to us looking for a new, cleanly designed website that would showcase their beautiful gowns and stunning imagery.


Pure Bridal were looking for a new website  focused on strong imagery that would showcase their dresses. They wanted their site to be simple, responsive, and image-focused, with a straight-forward navigation and strong emphasis on the dresses. This meant creating a design that was concise, easy to navigate, and with clean lines to ensure a full focus on their beautiful gowns. 


The final design was created using a basic colour palette, with white to ensure emphasis on imagery and pink accents to represent the combination of modernity and femininity in their designs. The main homepage was designed to incorporate the focus on imagery, with a boxed layout showcasing their wedding gown collections. Individual pages were created for each of their collections, as well as functionality that allows users to find available stockists for each of their gowns and collections. The end result is a clean, easy to use website with straight-forward navigation that allows all focus to be on showcasing the wedding gowns.