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Open Parking came to us after a successful campaign with their sister company, Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions. Their initial brief was to design and create a 4PP A4 document that would introduce potential customers to their parking management services.


We know that first impressions are everything, so we wanted to create a feel of luxury and quality with this print design that a customer would associate with the Open Parking brand. We designed and created a 6PP 210 x 210 roll fold with soft touch laminate throughout that fit perfectly with this theme. The front cover acted as a personable and positive introduction to the company. Upon opening the brochure, the prospective customer was treated to a glowing testimonial, showing them how Open Parking work with customers just like them. The full brochure acted as a great opportunity to display the services that Open Parking offer in a clear and manageable manner whilst seamlessly reconfirming the brands image through their personable and relaxed photography.

From the very earliest stages, we helped open Parking to figure out exactly the type of brochure they were after, offering recommendation and advice from our experienced team. After evaluating Open Parking and its competitors, we decided that to create standout in an already corporate market, the brief and expectations needed to be challenged. From the off we were showing Open Parking print samples displaying various printing techniques, different stocks, different finishes and unique ways to get the company’s message across.


The design was created to establish brand awareness at an upcoming industry convention. In addition, it needed to act as an informative hand-out/piece of marketing material for their salesmen to leave behind with clients/talk them through their services/given out at promotional parking related events.

As a newly formed brand, any marketing material designed is hugely important and helps to define who the brand is at a very early stage allowing subsequent pieces to follow suit and maintain the high standards that have been set. Which is why Open Parking were so impressed with the work that we have done for them. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Open Parking and working with them to achieve big things.