11elevendc design agency bristol friska food porridge
Friska Foods 11ElevenDC design agency bristol
11elevendc design agency bristol friska food porridge
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Friska are a Bristol-based, independent food retailer. With their mission to sell “Feel Good Food”, Friska’s menu includes a tasty range of delicious Salads, Soups, Wraps and other heartier meals like Moroccan Meatballs with Cous Cous and Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Actively seeking to make a contribution to their community, one of Friska’s aims is to engage and make visitors feel part of their ideas.Friska approached 11ElevenDC looking to promote their Spring Campaign. Their main focus in the cold early-spring was their new range of wholesome Porridge. A little more special than your standard porridge, Friska’s new porridge recipe includes toasted jumbo ‘overnight’ oats, topped with House Jam or Cinnamon Crushed Nuts. All made using the most delicious and ethically sourced ingredients.


We created a series of marketing material, including A-Boards, to cover both the inside and outside of the store. Using a simplistic style meant that Friska could take ownership of the design, using a mix of hand drawn illustrations and photographs to best promote their food.The thing about porridge is that people generally eat it in the morning, and in the morning, most of us (unless you’re one of those rare early birds) aren’t feeling too alert. Our marketing material needed to grab their attention. A large title was added, along with deliciously descriptive explanations of all the ingredients, simultaneously luring people in, whilst reminding them of the great ethics behind Friska’s foods. 


In an area with high competition for breakfast foods and coffees, our marketing campaign increased sales and revenues, and enhanced Friska’s brand awareness. Additionally, the designs used have added brand dimensions by combining the typography and imagery that, in Friska’s previous campaigns had only been used as separate components.