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Finn Macool are a distributor of alcoholic drinks for the UK and Ireland, national and regional customers and distributors. They are experts at launching and building brands, with a strong focus on product sourcing. They came to us looking for concept designs for a new range of beverages they were planning on distributing. They wanted bottle label designs that would stand out in the alcohol aisles, as well as representing the heritage behind each of the two drinks:

Saladin – A premium sparkling grape juice – 100% juice with no additives or flavouring, available in red grape, white grape and rose.This wine is produced in Belgium, and Halal approved.

Alcazar Gold – A premium Spanish Moscatel brandy blended with real Spanish sherry. This tasty drink is produced exclusively in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Finn Macool recommend to serve on its own over ice or mixed with sparkling wine. It also makes a great base for cocktails. 


Finn Macool wanted the designs to focus on the heritage behind each drink, whilst maintaining the luxurious brand image of the company. Through research into their backgrounds, along with in-depth research into existing drinks and their suppliers, we established the look that we were aiming for.

In our design for Saladin we looked at the history of the name Saladin, which derives from the Sultan of Egypt and Syria in the 12th Century who famously defeated the Crusaders at the Battle of Hattin in 1187. We used the dark green from the Pakistan and Saudi flags along with gold details to add depth to the design. We also added a sketched image of Saladin himself which, combined with the red grapes and colour palette, emphasises the heritage behind the drink.

The design for Alcazar Gold derives from the Spanish heritage of the drink. With the luxurious feel to the name ‘Alcazar Gold’, we looked at elements of the Spanish Royal Crown, a symbol for the Spanish monarchy. We used the red and gold from the Spanish flag, giving the label a transparency and allowing the red in the beverage to show through to add an extra pop of colour. 


The concept designs were used to gauge initial responses from target customers. The reviews came back extremely positive to the designs and Finn Macool are now in the process of establishing the designs from distribution.