China launches mobile-only walkway to protect distracted commuters

One of China’s largest cities has created a smartphone walkway to protect distracted mobile users from colliding with each other – and cars – to combat the rising number of accidents on the street.

Instead of telling smartphone users to watch where they are going, Chongqing city has went to the extreme of launching a mobile-only walkway devoted to protecting distracted digital addicts.

The 100 ft-long path along Foreigner Street in Chongqing city was first spotted by China’s CN news agency last week.

It was reportedly designed to protect the city’s high volume of mobile users who have of late been coming to harm as a result of their inability to pay attention to their surroundings.

Each path operates using a one-way system to prevent clashes although it is unclear whether smartphone users will even notice them.

The fact that commuters are no longer paying attention to the world around them raises questions for brands over the value of outdoor advertising compared to the mobile platform – which is now seemingly engaging movers on the move.

Last month, a survey from Toluna found that over 70 per cent of smartphone users check their devices less than five minutes after waking up.


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