Bristol cars back from the brink with luxury 'Project Pinnacle' hybrid car

Bristol Cars, which went bankrupt four years ago, has returned to the fray, revealing a luxury hybrid GT model car which will retail for £200,000 on release in 2015.

‘Project Pinnacle’, designed to celebrate the firm’s 70th anniversary, will mark the company’s return to the industry with its first new release since 2003.

The Bristol firm, which was saved in 2011 by electric train specialists, Frazer-Nash, will cater to an exclusive niche of car connoisseurs with ‘Project Pinnacle’, a car described as “a modern take on the best of British craftsmanship”.

Julian Ramshaw, head of Bristol Cars, said: “Investments in our new products and facilities spearhead our modern philosophy for the Bristol marque.

“We believe that the automotive landscape is changing, particularly in the premium and luxury sector. The definitions of luxury are changing.

“People’s expectations are changing. And Bristol Cars is changing too. This is just the start, and there is a lot more to come from us.”

Many will be glad to see the iconic UK firm, which employed a massive 70,000 people during WWII,  back in the fast lane.

The British car industry received more good news on Monday after Jaguar announced it will spend £4m promoting its new XE model saloon at an exclusive London event.


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