BBC to harness its biggest shows as part of Make It Digital initiative

The BBC has unveiled a guideline to what it will be doing next year as it looks to focus on making it digital.

Having already announced its plans for kids programmes and BBC Bitesize learning, the BBC has now revealed a blogpost promising ‘partnerships’ and saying it will use its ‘biggest shows’ but not revealing any official plans.

Having said that characters from shows will turn to coding – much like Dick and Dom for the new kids programme, it was also suggested that new documentaries would be commissioned.

Jessica Cecil, controller at BBC Make it Digital, said: “We will celebrate the UK’s digital heritage, raise awareness, and help some people to take their first steps into the world of digital.

“All our activity will link to online resources that will help our audiences play, learn and share, with a digital hub bringing all of this activity together. There will be off-air activity too, particularly focused on children and young people. We want to help people to find the fantastic resources which already exist, including learning opportunities across the UK and online. And in some cases, the very best of what they create will find its way back on to the BBC.”

However, nothing will be revealed until early 2015.


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