Battery operated chopsticks can tell if meal is made with reclaimed oil

Baidu, a Chinese internet firm, has unveiled chopsticks that can tell if your meal is made using reclaimed oil.

The battery operated chopsticks use sensors to measure the acidity, temperature and saltiness of the oil in your meal, and will turn red if the oil is reclaimed – oil illegally reclaimed from dustbins and drains – and blue if it is fine.

Baidu CEO Robin Li said during the product launch: “In the future, via Baidu Kuaisou, you’ll be able to know the origin of oil and water and other foods–whether they’ve gone bad and what sort of nutrition they contain.”

The company also hopes to improve the product so that it can sense other cases of food malpractice, such as fox meat being sold as mutton.

A price for the product has not yet been revealed.

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