Barclaycard tests handy contactless payments wristband

Barclaycard has begun a London trial of its contactless payment wristbands, hi-tech bracelets which allow the wearer to pay for goods and services without reaching for their wallet.

The bPay devices can be preloaded with a cash value and automatically top up as purchases are made, although a maximum spend of £20 per item is enforced.

It is hoped that increasingly time poor consumers will embrace the band as a handy means to pay for frequent low value purchases such as bus tickets, sandwiches and cups of coffee.

Although operated by Barclaycard the device can be used by anyone no matter who they bank with by simply swiping their wrist over compatible bus and rail terminals and compatible High Street tills.

Tami Hargreaves, head of contactless for Barclaycard said: ‘Every second counts to Londoners on the morning commute and having to rummage around for your wallet, hunt down your purse from the depths of your bag, or encountering the dreaded red light at the ticket barrier can feel like it’s adding ages to the day.

“With bPay band you just hold your wrist to the card reader to pay for your travel, you can then also use it to pay for your coffee on the way into the office, and lunchtime sandwich.”

A total of 10,000 of these wristbands are being used for the trial, which will be rolled out nationwide if successful.

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