Band OK Go claims Apple's 'Perspective' iPhone 6 launch broadcast stole its music video idea

American alt-rock band OK Go has claimed that a promotional broadcast during Apple’s iPhone 6 unveiling ceremony copied one of its music videos.

The accusation concerns Apple’s ‘Perspective’ film which aimed to tribute “people who see things differently”.­­

The single-shot video showed a white room where objects slowly became text as the camera reached the correct perspective however the odd-ball band has claimed that it came up with the idea first.

Andy Gershon, manager of OK Go claimed that Apple’s Perspective clip did not offer a ‘fresh perspective’ as the band had already released a similar video several months earlier.

OK Go’s ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ music video, which Apple has been accused of copying, has had over 10 million views on YouTube since it was released in July this year. It has also won best visual effects at the 2014 Video Music Awards.


The so-called video theft occurred after band manager Gershon allegedly pitched the video to Apple in April, however the idea was declined by the firm. 

Despite turning the idea down, Apple then hired 1stAveMachine, the creative firm which shot and directed Ok Go’s ‘Writing’s on the Wall’, to create its iPhone 6 launch event clip.

Gershon said he is considering legal action against the Californian electronics giant – although the band is unlikely to reach a settlement as it is not against the law to adapt an idea and produce a different finished product.

Nonetheless, Apple may have been served its just desserts after its online stream of ‘Perspective’ crashed for millions of viewers on Tuesday evening during the event.



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