First Person Action – Bad Motherfcker

It being Friday afternoon we thought we’d share something special with you. Something that is so genius that you’re likely to watch it again and share with your friends. Please be advised though that there are (many) scenes of violence and blood however they are fake so not that bad, just like watching The Walking Dead or Crank or something.

It’s from a Band called Biting Elbows and are a Russian indie rock band who have performed with the likes of  Guns N’ Roses and Placebo. However, they the band is perhaps best known for its music videos The Stampede and Bad Motherfucker. These videos or short stories are directed by frontman Ilya Naishuller and went viral because of their first person perspective, special effects, and violence. Naishuller is currently directing a full-length first-person action film written by himself entitled Hardcore which is currently seeking funding and can be found here. The video is below but we first thought we would show Bad Motherfucker as its catchy song and jaw dropping action scenes left us in amazement.

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