Artist Tim Goodman sketches Ford Focus owners' memories onto car with a Sharpie in new ad

Ford has launched a new ad where it enlisted an artist to sketch user-submitted memories of the Ford Focus in permanent marker – on a pristine model of the car.

The ad, called ‘Celebrating Memories’, featuring the tagline “16 years, 12 million owners, everybody has a story” was created to celebrate the success of the motor throughout the years by focusing on the effect the Focus has had on many of its owners.

The motor-firm’s video was designed as a creative way to connect with consumers through digital and social media channels with the artwork later going on display at the Paris Motor Show – here artist Tom Goodman will be on hand to illustrate personalised graphics for audience members.

The ad was filmed over a period of two days as Goodman first sketched concept designs before committing them to ‘canvas’ with his Sharpie marker.

Tim Goodman, the designer responsible for the artwork, told the Drum: “This is a one-shot deal. I got one shot to draw on this car and make it beautiful and make it right and make everyone happy, and make myself happy.

“The great thing about going through these memories is that it’s visual story-telling. I was able to go through text and what people wrote, and bring their stories to life. That was an amazing thing to do. It was a privilege to bring their stories to life on a car like this.”

Goodman added: “Who could have passed up an opportunity like this? It was a chance to draw all over a brand new, beautiful car. That’s pretty fun.”

The artist commented that his favourite Focus story was from a couple who drove from one US coast to the other during their honeymoon to visit the nation’s biggest monuments.

This was followed closely by the tale of a UK couple who had to give birth in the back of the Focus, as they were stuck in a traffic jam.

Last month, Brazilian Ford Focus ad ‘Fairy Tale’ won the Drum’s ad of the day for its whimsical take on a medieval fantasy world.


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