Apple rumour round-up: Expect to see the iWatch, NFC payments and larger screened iPhone 6s at launch event

This evening, 9 September, Apple will reveal its next generation of device, with two new iPhone 6 smartphones, the next iteration of the iPad and the iWatch touted to make an appearance at its launch event in Cupertino, California.

Firstly, the firm will be announcing two new iPhone 6s, footage of which was reportedly leaked onto YouTube via a Russian tech blog last week.

The event will not mark Apple’s first dual launch of smartphones however with it also releasing the iPhone 5 and 5C simultaneously in 2012.

Expected to be announced is a range of super-sized iPhones and iPads – with the smartphone to be shipped with a 5.5 inch display to combat Samsung and Microsoft’s larger-screened devices. A ‘normal-sized’ iPhone 6 will also be released.

Apple will announce when the devices are to be made available to the general public tonight too. This may be later than the firm initially planned after it hit a production delay as the smartphone’s backlight display was intitially too dim as a result of the lighting component being too thin in order to fit the sleeker device.

Naturally, this event will see more discussed than just smartphones. Rumoured to be in the line-up is Apple’s long-awaited iWatch device which was first hinted at over two years ago. It will mark the firm’s first foray into the wearable technology market.

Forrester analyst James McQuivey on Tuesday claimed  the iWatch’s “category launch will be one of its most important and brand-reinforcing launches in years”.

Perhaps the biggest news for consumer’s however is that Apple will aim to revolutionise the way we buy goods with near field communication (NFC) payment system. This would see smartphones replace debit and credit cards at major retailers. 

Apple already has major credit companies such as American Express, Visa and Mastercard on board for the scheme.

The next generation of devices will run the new iOS 8 operating system which was also leaked online before the unveiling event.



The new operating system will include the HealthKit app designed to monitor the health of users, measuring blood pressure and fitness. This feature may also be compatible with the iWatch.

Also included will be the HomeKit, an app which allows the control of the home, including control of devices like lights and central heating.

Ultimately, despite many Apple leaks giving consumers an idea of what to expect from the event, the facts will only be truly available after the firm lifts the lid on it’s products later this evening.

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