Adidas Originals releases customised ZXFLUX trainer photo app

Adidas Originals has launched a new app which allows users to upload photos and design their own personalised ZXFLUX trainers, which they can they buy and share online.

The miZXFLUX app, available on iPhone and Android, was developed by creative agency Stopp, to give trainer enthusiasts the chance to imprint their own designs on iconic tri-stripe trainers of their choice using their mobile and tablet devices.

Users can upload photos to the app and then scale, rotate and preview the sneakers at every angle using the service’s 3D viewer interface.

Shoe designs can be saved and shared with friends and families through social media channels increasing engagement with consumers and raising awareness.

Ola Björling, technical lead at Stopp, said: “The spectacular and realistic 3D preview was tremendously exciting to create and a true must-have feature for us, as it takes customisation to a whole new level where you see your design truly come alive.

“Ensuring that the quality and precision of the design is maintained throughout the production chain from app to factory has been crucial, and together with the fantastic team at adidas, we have created a shoe customisation tool like no other.”

Earlier this year in May, Adidas released an app which allowed users to implement Instagram images in the design of trainers – Stopp’s latest digital service however expands upon that.


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