A Tight Briefs special challenge: Design a new UK flag to be used if Scotland leaves

What should the Union Flag look like if Scotland votes to leave the UK on Thursday?

According to The Flag Institute, if there is a yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum, it would be highly likely that there would be calls for the UK flag to be redesigned.

“[It would be] inconceivable that the citizens of the remainder of the UK would want to be represented by a flag that is one third Scots,” said Charles Ashburner, The Flag Institute’s chief executive.

This got us thinking. Who better to imagine a new UK flag than the creative industry?

So in a special Tight Briefs creative challenge, we want you to design an alternative UK flag without Scotland in it.

As ever with our Tight Briefs challenges, there’s a tight deadline. Send your flag ideas to tightbriefs@thedrum.com, or to @thedrum on Twitter using the hashtag #tightbriefs, by 5pm on Tuesday and we’ll run them online this week.

The creator of the best flag, as chosen by our readers, will receive a free one year’s subscription to The Drum.

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