Based just outside of Bristol, we are an integrated marketing & design agency focused on performance and results by creating innovative and strategic solutions.


With strong experience in marketing & design, we create targeted campaigns for our clients through digital and print design, social media, SEO and digital marketing.


We’ve always prided ourselves on our close working relationships with clients, delivering innovative, targeted marketing campaigns across mixed media, with fantastic results.

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11Eleven Design Blog

The 11Eleven Design Blog is a creative news feed, full of the latest design trends, inspiration, and industry news straight from our office to yours.

11ElevenDC presents
Twisted Disney Princesses

| Design | No Comments
As it’s Halloween we couldn’t resist showing you what the 11ElevenDC team can’t stop marvelling at. Make up artist Shonagh Scott of @ShowMeMakeup has created a series of impressive Disney princess themed Halloween looks that depict the 5 princesses meeting their tragic and unfortunate end, in a way in keeping with their own stories. Cinderalla…
damien sawyer paper art superheroes

Paper Art Inspiration: Superhero Style

| Design | No Comments
If you've seen our blog, you'll know that all of us here in the 11ElevenDC offices love a good bit of paper-based art. Whether that's origami-style creature creations, or folded 3D designs, we think paper art is a really inspiring way to bring creative ideas to life. And so when we saw these designs by…
illustrator and animator Michael Driver

Creative of the Week: Michael Driver

| Design | No Comments
As a creative agency, we know there’s nothing quite like drawing inspiration from other people in the creative field. So we love it when we come across exciting companies and people doing unique and inspiring work. That’s where this segment comes in… each week, we’ll be sharing a company, agency or creative individual that’s creating…

11Eleven Design Hub

The 11Eleven Design Hub is a creative stream, full of the latest design ideas, from tutorials and information to practical, hands-on design guides, direct from our creative team to yours.

11ElevenDC presents: The 2017 Facebook Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

| Design Hub | No Comments
Facebook allows you to target your audience with razor sharp precision. Whether you’re looking to attract new clientele, create brand awareness or simply grow your online presence, you can design posts that appeal to your audience by age, location and interests easily if you have the right visual assets. Without engaging visuals, your posts will…
social media image cheat sheet

Infographic: Your 2016 social media image size cheat sheet

| Design Hub | 27 Comments
In the ever changing world of Social Media, it becomes a mission to keep up with the correct image, icon and ad sizes for each of the numerous social channels that most of us designers use on a daily basis. Our answer - voila! This Cheat Sheet, courtesy of MainStreeHost is your answer to all…
styling your home office - geometrics

Styling Your Home Office: Geometrics

| Design, Design Hub | No Comments
An inspirational and creative working environment can mean the difference between good work and great, inspiring, innovative work. Something we all strive for as creatives, right? Whether you're working from home, or in the office, making sure your environment leaves you feeling creative and inspired is definitely an important factor to consider. We've seen lots…